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Ahmet Burak Çiftçi Lockdown effect on emergency surgical consults during the covid-19 outbreak: Experience of a pandemic hospital!AtDcy8_lra6ig8Y29eyrvjexCxTFAA?e=Szshp6
Aslıhan Sanrı 14q32.31q32.33 Microdeletion Detected by Chromosomal Microarray in a Child with Dysmorphism and Hypotonia!AtDcy8_lra6ig8Yu6vyu75Ya3LtEyQ?e=GJWSGb
Cuma Uz COVID-19 Through The Eyes of Physiatrists: Back Pain Can be a Symptom and May Predict Pneumonia in COVID-19!AtDcy8_lra6ig8Ys-9zXyctEAkZ0Pg?e=UK7zjv
Demet Yavuz Depression, Hopelessness, and Social Support in Hemodialysis Patients!AtDcy8_lra6ig8dfzeINF8AiCySpGw?e=fxnHjv
Deniz Kantar Effects of thymoquinone on anxiety-related behavior and auditory potentials in rats exposed to glucocorticoid!AtDcy8_lra6ig8Y7DWZR8n3_unSC6A?e=SPEwfH
Derya Karaer Rubinstein-Taybi Syndrome with Microphthalmia and İris Coloboma!AtDcy8_lra6ig8dW7LXy2P076zK9PA?e=6lKjgM
Duygu Üstünol The Development of Family Medicine Identity Scale!AtDcy8_lra6ig8ZOrZsrgVlFoMYGkA?e=sk8ck8
Ebru Yılmaz Investigation of the relationship between magnesium level and vitamin D, bone mineral density, knee osteoarthritis and chronic diseases!AtDcy8_lra6ig8Y3n8R6HiZAJKRMhw?e=3uQEe1
Elif Önder Epithelial-mesenchymal transition and Cancer!AtDcy8_lra6ig8hFVqvJTKygjLhWAg?e=OaPTn8
Emine Ahu Koç Pregnancy with Von Willebrand Disease and Subacute Postpartum Hemorrhagia: A Case Report!AtDcy8_lra6ig8Y4zOyGePgwfETTYA?e=jjze1R
Emine Tural The Cytotoxicity Effects of Metformin and Lithium Substances in The Human Intestinal Caco-2 Cells!AtDcy8_lra6ig8hL0vgq_ZLi7uuPCQ?e=aoFOzt
Ender Çam A comparison of propofol with ketofol for sedation quality and side effects in patients undergoing colonoscopy!AtDcy8_lra6ig8dFY69-uAEI48kVAw?e=cV9gux
Şule Başar
Enes Emre Başar
International scientific collaborative activities: Barriers and opportunities!AtDcy8_lra6ig8kQoQEWYmhcKxAGUw
Erdem Şahin (a) The role of serum D-dimer in the diagnosis of periprosthetic joint infection and timing of reimplantation!AtDcy8_lra6ig8Y5MbHXt9LquSLvfQ?e=muMvt2
Erdem Şahin (b) Injuries due to fall from horseback!AtDcy8_lra6ig8YxssnAG2ghkzF5Xw?e=zTBFyR
Erhan Okay Clinical outcomes of intraarticular PRP and corticosteroid combination in advanced osteoarthritis!AtDcy8_lra6ig8hHY6JyjkKE2eyhLg?e=vOV3dY
Esmeray Mutlu Yılmaz A COVID-19 case complicated by ecchymosis and cyanosis!AtDcy8_lra6ig8ZBl5foDNL2q9RhMg?e=kbWOgj
Esra Kongur Secondary Infections in Patients Treated With The Diagnosis Of Covid-19 in Adult Intensive Care Units!AtDcy8_lra6ig8hB5YYd5XXkUXTj-Q?e=Mt2Lcl
Ezgi Hacıhasanoğlu The frequency of micronodular type neuroendocrine cell hyperplasia detected in gastric endoscopic biopsies and its relationship with clinicopathological parameters!AtDcy8_lra6ig8YweBj40hSkx9AprQ?e=WrhNGB
Fatma Mert Renal Tissue Morphology and Morphometric Alterations with Different Fixatives (Formalin, Bouin’s, Alfac and B5 Solutions)!AtDcy8_lra6ig8hDZl6kWTcYA-Audw?e=ppAWGN
Fatma Nurgül Taşgöz New challenge in adolescents: ‘at risk polycystic ovary syndrome’ estimation!AtDcy8_lra6ig8ZHta4h0aBAV3AEBw?e=STJEF2
Gizem Kabasakal Determination of Cell Viability in LNCaP Prostate Cancer Cells Treated with Boric Acid!AtDcy8_lra6ig8hNAKUDn4DvbBpQeA?e=2dhFY3
Gonca Sağlam Determination of Sleep Quality in Patients with Rotator Cuff Tears!AtDcy8_lra6ig8Yp2FblIflynCi39Q?e=OXzdZW
Gökhan Ünver Case Report: Acute Liver Enzyme Elevation Due To Covid-19 Infection During Pregnancy!AtDcy8_lra6ig8deMVOzk0e0-18urg?e=0Kj8Ks
Gözde Öztan Determination of the functions of miRNAs associated with PI3K-Akt signaling pathway and p53 signaling pathway in prostate cancer!AtDcy8_lra6ig8Y_2EJgEpImBqQ-Lg?e=dhZoe5
Hacer İşler Comparison of the VITEK-2 Automated System and the Double Disk Synergy Test for the Detection of Expanded Spectrum Beta-Lactamase (ESBL) in Escherichia coli and Klebsiella pneumoniae Strains!AtDcy8_lra6ig8Y1quTt3OjhiJR5dA?e=4cg1BO
Hakan Özbay Complications and Results of the Acute Traumatic Hip Dislocation in Children: a case series!AtDcy8_lra6ig8YrkqEbpzpEWUme5Q?e=OYSz1e
Hanzade Aybüke
Ünal Artık
Nerve blocks for the treatment of probable cluster headache in a child with cystic fibrosis: case report!AtDcy8_lra6ig8g0iXXnbiE4RnYNcA?e=bOaxWo
İrem İnanç
Burcu Kazancı
How can the ocular surface cells be evaluated histologically with the impression cytology method?!AtDcy8_lra6ig8Y9-kvb1qAqOk8_zA?e=zaH8Qx
İrem İnanç
Deniz Billur
Does the tissue morphology change during the development of the age-related metabolic syndrome?!AtDcy8_lra6ig8dvT3CWu3D1ALubaw?e=T9siWj
İrem İnanç
Mehmet Batu Ertan
Histological evaluation of the effectiveness of different microorganism types forming infections in the abscess formation!AtDcy8_lra6ig8Y-iT72wMdt3NHcuQ?e=cIhlmS
İrem İnanç
Pınar Bingöl
Ultrastructural examination of anterior capsule samples taken from patients with congenital or juvenile cataract cases!AtDcy8_lra6ig8ZC99lhmuYRKQRGfw?e=cRRuEp
Mehmet Kazım Asutay M2 and M3 Muscarinic Receptor Expression in Bladder Cancer Cells!AtDcy8_lra6ig8Y6-UfwtPFIO1YOog?e=zYxPtV
Mehmet Nuri Koçak Evaluation of Informed Consent for Thrombolytic Therapy in Ischemic Stroke!AtDcy8_lra6ig8hELERS760Yc1miWg?e=sHUWPy
Melek Bilgin Does COVID-19 infection trigger the formation of Anti-nuclear Antibodies?!AtDcy8_lra6ig8ZE3mLXRVw-a5HeKQ?e=V5bEjP
Muhammed Nuri Tütüncü Relationship Between the Critical Shoulder Angle and the Development of Rotator Cuff Tears In Turkish Population!AtDcy8_lra6ig8Y08-q3Mfv0l316gA?e=fWy5Do
Muhammet Çelik Effects of Avanafil, A Phofodiesterase Type 5 (Pde-5) Inhibitor, on A549 Lung Cancer Cell Proliferation!AtDcy8_lra6ig8dja8UDKQ542KT3iA?e=kD4MHZ
Muhammet Kalkışım Comparison of posterolateral approach and direct reduction posterior-anterior screw fixation method versus indirect reduction anterior-posterior screw fixation Method for posterior malleolus fixation in ankle trimalleolar fractures!AtDcy8_lra6ig8YqJB38jvEn7IoqCg?e=DTfdFd
Muhammet Salih Ayas Distal metatarsal Chevron osteotomy + modified McBride method in hallux valgus, short term 1-3 year results!AtDcy8_lra6ig8YtnuYYs0RmipqvLg?e=TodEgc
Mukadder Erdem Covid-19 and Comorbidities!AtDcy8_lra6ig8dgXa3NgZGIhxW4vA?e=jTa9hX
Murat Cag A Rare Form of Liver Failure and Immune Deficiency: IFNGR1 gene Mutation!AtDcy8_lra6ig8Yo0akWJTY74TJ1fw?e=8zipge
Nazlı Pınar
Karahan Şen
Evaluation of staging 18F FDG PET/CT images with conventional and volumetric data in patients diagnosed with rectal cancer: Do the characteristics of the primary tumor provide information about the metastatic potential of the tumor?!AtDcy8_lra6ig8ZI2OZTVo0ihgkQ1A?e=YCVGFb
Nuray Can Usta Is the Ganglion Cell Layer Thickness more sensitive marker than retinal nerve fibre layer thickness in Multiple Sclerosis Patients?!AtDcy8_lra6ig8g1suYH-lLTNbm8oA?e=kkqEk7
Oktay Polat Dislocation after hip hemiarthroplasty in a paraplegic patient!AtDcy8_lra6ig8Yvw6tptYM20pDilQ?e=qQpTtY
Osman Özgür Kılınç Intracranial Hemorrhage in Pregnancy with COVID-19: A case report!AtDcy8_lra6ig8hAJo8ErmIRtWmAKQ?e=Kl8K5p
Özkan Öztürk Are the Results of Revision Knee Arthroplasty Dependent on Aetiology Failure!AtDcy8_lra6ig8ZDI8U3xZijrhTbbA?e=enStzw
Özlem Tuğçe
Çilingir Kaya
Evaluation of protective effects of Ghrelin on Gastric tissue of ovariectomized rats!AtDcy8_lra6ig8ZK_1Fv58N2zWoWYw?e=5fUG0a
Selim Görgün Brucellosis mimicking COVID-19: A point of view on differential diagnosis in patients with fever, dry cough, arthralgia, and hepatosplenomegaly!AtDcy8_lra6ig8ZJZkdedClY8EwGyA?e=NGHTfh
Serdar Toy Hip Septic Arthritis in Children!AtDcy8_lra6ig8YyRyjEkLUF2nRirg?e=FnSnEh
Sevgi Canbaz The Psychosocial Effects of The Covid-19 Pandemic On Adolescents At A Private High School In Istanbul!AtDcy8_lra6ig8ZLXhS7J7_WRo_3qA?e=Eeu5FH
Seyfi Kartal Evaluation of the effect of mesenchymal stem cell administration on prognosis in critical COVID-19 patients in the intensive care unit!AtDcy8_lra6ig8g9bnah_LAYABhT-Q?e=oH8JW1
Düriye Sıla
Karagöz Özen (a)
Spontaneous Tumor Lysis Syndrome In Lung Cancer: Very Rare Case For Solid Tumors!AtDcy8_lra6ig8di84HxOAhhtaj8ZQ?e=KaDn40
Düriye Sıla
Karagöz Özen (b)
Is selenium deficiency related to an increased risk for diabetic retinopathy?!AtDcy8_lra6ig8dhB9XdISnFaVKU-A?e=VP7CsB
Songül Doğanay Polymicrobial Sepsis Causes Edema and Neuronal Damage in Rat Cerebral Cortex; an Experimental Study!AtDcy8_lra6ig8ZPp2-8BVcEuyghKQ?e=fdgOY9
Tuğba Kontbay Pediatric Endocrinology and Syrian Refugee Children; A Photo We Want to Look Together!AtDcy8_lra6ig8ZFcsvT71rPNj_jjA?e=sTn5Yr
Tuğçehan Sezer Akman Methanol Intoxication With Cerebral Hemorrhage: A Case Study!AtDcy8_lra6ig8Y8M8v4yH2MDwNQIw?e=TT6aKV
Tuğrul Ergün (a) Analysis Of Retrograde Intramedullary Nail Treatment In Distal Femoral Fractures!AtDcy8_lra6ig8ZNBS-I-m1WyUORAw?e=l5hOfL
Tuğrul Ergün (b) Is There A Relationship Between Hip Fracture Surgical Treatment And Devoloping Dementia!AtDcy8_lra6ig8ZM2qjOI6uH1FSy-Q?e=ErcT6o
Yeşim Özdemir Two siblings with Hyper IgE Syndrome diagnosed by Exome Sequence; DOCK8 mutation!AtDcy8_lra6ig8Yzbz2v6MVoYqvv4Q?e=ZAIbjP
Zozan Güleken Effect of Chronic Alcohol Abuse on the Spectroscopically Determined Blood Secondary Structure of Proteins and Lipid Balance!AtDcy8_lra6ig8hG1q0GNz7gHw9KiA?e=zPEkug
Esra Aslan How Does Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Ibuprofen Affect Neural Tube Development in Chick Embryos?!AtDcy8_lra6ig8hestx-Wcd890canA?e=a52OuM
Gökçen Gökçe Comparison of Insulin Treatment With Mesenchymal Stem Cell Treatment In Experimental Type 1 Diabetes-Induced Rats!AtDcy8_lra6ig8hbcK4Fz-xD3HlPyw?e=2uHm9x
Mustafa Bayraktar Commitment to the medical profession and individual competitiveness of Medical Faculty students in Turkey!AtDcy8_lra6ig8hZ2q1I6n49jPcbiQ?e=JgyViM
Kübra Hacıeminoğlu Ülker Investigation of Colistin Resistance in Gram Negative Bacteria by Colistin Susceptibility Tube Test!AtDcy8_lra6ig8hmwkmKRsrkIttTjQ?e=oM0cvo
Çiğdem Karaca Evaluation of the Effects of CoenzymeQ10 Treatment on Corneal Epithelium by VEGF and VEGFR in STZ-induced Diabetes Rats!AtDcy8_lra6ig8ho3nBpgo5Eevjj0A?e=xFb9Ym
Demet Gür Vural (a) Evaluation of Antibody Levels in Pcr Negative Covid-19 Suspected Case Series!AtDcy8_lra6ig8hqNhSafRg_UGAiYA?e=nA4eT1
Demet Gür Vural (b) Evaluation of Antinuclear Antibodies in Patients who were Infected with Covid 19!AtDcy8_lra6ig8hp3YyBBbNfdWveFg?e=0GQ9rD
Damla Gül Fındık The Effect of Ulipristal Acetate and Vitamin D3 on Folliculogenesis!AtDcy8_lra6ig8htwleb2HoVhWkCLw?e=QIzLhO
Kemal Bilgin (a) Early Detection of Antibiotic Susceptibility of Enterobacteriaceae Family Isolates Using an Inverted Microscope; Preliminary Study!AtDcy8_lra6ig8hwEK37mLx0qG-ktA?e=6SAKnp
Kemal Bilgin (a) Optimization Study of Detecting Antibiotic Sensitivity of Pseudomonas aeruginosa Using an Inverted Microscope!AtDcy8_lra6ig8hxo5XbZFedRyN8LA?e=rxExcr
Kemal Bilgin (c) The distribution of Enterobacteriales isolated from the urine samples of children, and the evaluation of antimicrobial susceptibility!AtDcy8_lra6ig8h3AopNvY1AoQ8POg?e=2ZVjfi
Fatih Batı (a) The Role of FDG PET/CT in Assessment of Diagnosis and Response to Treatment of Takayasu Arteritis a case with TEVAR Greft!AtDcy8_lra6ig8hyYcXoaGye1mwc5Q?e=LTkhJ2
Fatih Batı (b) Could Radioembolization be The Future of Tumor Treatment? Yttrium-90 Radioembolization Treatment in Liver Tumors!AtDcy8_lra6ig8h5TwBOf9Fdf8jxvQ?e=mGycQC
Cengiz Kazdal Combined Pelvic Injury with Acetabular and Femoral Neck Fracture: A very rare case report!AtDcy8_lra6ig8h2tXuKp57HtcMmMg?e=Ocjmnj
Mesut Öterkuş Guillain Barre Syndrome Induced by Covid 19: Discussion with a Case!AtDcy8_lra6ig8h7zpSYTZIXBZYOKg?e=Gb9j8o
Göksenin Ünlügüzel Üstün Oxidative Effects And Biochemical Markers Related To Disease Severity Parameters In Cystic Fibrosis Cases!AtDcy8_lra6ig8h85smTdTWg9lArpg?e=KrGYOD
Muhammed Okuyucu Clinical experience in patients with Adult Still’s disease!AtDcy8_lra6ig8h-Nzx_Xq9uZZdv-A?e=uV5jci
Mehmet Akçiçek Common Chest CT Findings in 100 COVID-19 Patients Followed for Pneumonia!AtDcy8_lra6ig8h_U9SfPKhM2XCtxA?e=cEED2y
Çiğdem Yüce Kahraman About Gene Therapy!AtDcy8_lra6ig8kBz8aZM63mZt9_eg?e=kr9I6C
Mehmet Cenk Turgut (a) Ruptured Triceps Tendons: A Case Report!AtDcy8_lra6ig8kCtfqN5ywaBmqi-g?e=saUDNm
Mehmet Cenk Turgut (b) Clinical and Functional Outcomes of Using Double-Row Transosseous Fixation Material in Rotator Cuff Tears in Advanced Age!AtDcy8_lra6ig8kDTbj0B6OjVJ_M0w?e=deLLXD
Ela Delikgöz Soykut (a) Outcomes of Breast Cancer Brain Metastasis Patients Undergoing Stereotactic Radiotherapy!AtDcy8_lra6ig8kJ01JtwUN9OjL6ug?e=SZkMsB
Ela Delikgöz Soykut (b) Eight-Year Oncological Outcomes Of Rectal Cancer Patients Treated With Postoperative Chemoradiotherapy!AtDcy8_lra6ig8kKZrkks_6g2LOMMw?e=mZ5ZbO
Başar Erdivanlı Factors Associated with Pressure Ulcers in Adult Critical Care Patients Effects of Rosmarinic Acid Against!AtDcy8_lra6ig8kLY5XIUktFBgm7Eg?e=0HNohd
Halil Ural Aksoy Efficacy of Lacosamide Therapy in Focal Onset Refractory Epilepsy of Childhood: A Single Center Experience!AtDcy8_lra6ig8kRBJ7KPNf8sO7wVQ?e=omY0vv
Dilan Çetinavcı Effects of Rosmarinic Acid Against Nephrotoxicity Induced by Cyclophosphamide in Rats!AtDcy8_lra6ig8dJQxSYzWtzDQIpKQ?e=3Cl4TO
Volkan Ülker Effects of Virtual Reality on Stress Management of Disasters!AtDcy8_lra6ig8kVXnjyV70mXXlu_w?e=5MUwDU

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Dilan Çetinavcı Nephrotoxicity Induced by Cyclophosphamide in Rats!AtDcy8_lra6ig8dJQxSYzWtzDQIpKQ?e=3Cl4TO
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